Hi! My name is Gali. I started HyperChange to document my investing journey, and create the financial content I thought the world was missing.

I began working on this project full-time in April 2017 (with ~150 subscribers), and now we have over 153,000.

Although I'm known for my videos & investment in Tesla, my financial endeavors range from dabbling in cryptoassets, angel/startup investing + advising, collecting Tesla Tequila, Short Shorts, and Boring flamethrowers, to setting up an SPV for my friends and I to invest in SpaceX.

I've never had anyone from CNBC, Bloomberg, Yahoo! Finance, The WSJ, or Financial Times on my show, but I've been on all theirs. Boomers think thats impressive, so I made a handful of appearances and dropped some swag quotes.

Not sure what the point of this page is. Just need an About section for the site. I'm launching this website to bring swag IRL HyperChange products to you.

Have an awesome day & enjoy your time on the HyperChange website :)


PS - I forgot to add the mission. The world is changing faster than ever. Technology is disrupting our daily rituals at an ever accelerating pace as we hurdle towards the singularity. Financial literacy is at an all-time basement low in the US. As a passionate investor whose been in the market since 14 (2007), I wanted to help. And build an awesome business for myself. So I started to a YouTube channel to share real thoughts on my portfolio, the companies I'm fascinated by, and the schemers I meet. All through the lens of sustainability. Not the bullshit kind. The electrify industries to drop the carbon trajectory of humanity kind. So yah I'm a Tesla fan, or stan. I also love Bitcoin. I'm not perfect. I hope crypto gets its shit together and drops its emissions. The mission is to make investing more fun, easier, and more approachable for everybody. Financial markets seem abstract, but have profoundly real impact. I guess the real goal though is for you to invest in the future you believe in. If more people get inspired to support companies that are building a brighter future for the planet and humans, we are going to crush it as as species and flourish for thousands of years to come.